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Grand House 47 - wynajem

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ul. Boguszyn 47, 64-117 Boguszyn info@grandhouse47.com +48 782 505 060
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Frequently asked questions:

  1. Who are the owners of Grand House 47?
    The owners of Grand House 47 are Andzelika and Bartosz Bela, who 20 years ago moved to the United Kingdom and daily work and live there. For their love of Poland they bought an old ruined house in Boguszyn, which after complex refurbishment proved to be an architectural masterpiece. The home is over 400 years old and it used to be a restaurant with a farrier by an old country road. It took 12 years to renovate the old house and during the renovation they thought about building a guest house on the same land. It was supposed to be small, but then the idea of Grand House 47 was born.

  2. What is the old building which you can see on google maps named ‘Dom Bartka’ ? It is an old house which was refurbished by the owners (question 1) it is not a guest house but is on the same land as Grand House 47 Private Lounge and Spa.

  3. Why can’t I see Grand House 47 on Google Streetview?
    The Google car last passed Boguszyn when Grand House 47 was still only an idea, therefore you cannot see it on streetview.

  4. When we rent Grand House 47 will we be completely alone?
    Yes, you rent the whole villa, no one else will have access whilst you are there. Making your stay extra special, and very private.

  5. Why do we have to pay extra to use the outdoor Jacuzzi?
    We take an extra payment for usage of the outdoor hot tub as it takes a whole day to prepare it for use. We have to fill it up with water, then heat the water up. It usually takes about 6 hours to fill, and around 5 hours to heat.

  6. Do you accept pets?
    Yes we accept dogs up to 10kg in weight.

  7. Is there internet access?
    Yes there is Wi-Fi available at Grand House 47.

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